Shining Light Companies


Your Risk and Compliance Experts

Mission Statement

Our Guiding Principles

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Dream

We continuously research, think and dream about what can be.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Learn

We proactively expand our corporate and individual knowledge, experience and capabilities to the benefit of ourselves and our clients.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Care

We seek, live and espouse social responsibility with the highest ethical values to the greatest extent that we can.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Give Back

We give back to the community, society and world in which we live and work.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Grow People

We grow our people by helping them identify their goals and encouraging them at all time to strive for their highest potential.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We live

We live lives of appropriate balance, remembering we’re only at our best for ourselves and our clients as we do.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Serve

We serve clients with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct, gracious honesty and project proficiency.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Build

We build the future.

We Manage Our Risks

We manage our risks and make a fair profit to a) meet our obligations, b) reach our goals,  and c) sustain our growth.

Shining Light Companies
Shining Light Companies

We Create Value

We know that as we do these things - corporately and individually - we provide the greatest possible value and success.

At a Glance

DUNS: 079208391

CAGE: 726E14

SWIFT: 0000944707


  • 541611 -Risk management, compliance management, business, financial, operational consulting, change management, strategic planning and management
  • 541614 -Operational research and audit, process engineering and assessment, productivity analysis and consulting
  • 541512 -Information systems integration risk management and consulting, information system risk analysis and management
  • 541690 -Economic consulting, security consulting

Corporate Data

Employees on Staff: 1

Founded in 2011

Geographic Area Services: United States and Canada; the Pacific Rim and Europe.

Business Model: Geographically disbursed, technologically capable and connected, working for clients onsite or remote

Core Competencies

Shining Light Companies "shines the light" on needs and issues clients face and brings sound, robust, lasting solutions. We help businesses identify and mitigate financial and compliance risk. Our principal brings 35+ years of experience in:

  • Risk management – identification, analysis, planning
  • Compliance management – regulatory and policy in financial services, medication, insurance and others
  • Third-party risk and compliance management
  • Financial, operational and control analysis/audit – ITGC (all domains), financial/operational (all cycles); regulatory (medical, financial services, insurance, others); Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX and variations), internal control over financial reporting (ICOFR)
  • Information system risk, integration management and security analysis and consulting
  • Process engineering, documentation and assessment
  • Strategic planning, development and management
  • Economic analysis, modeling and consulting
  • Change planning, management including embedding in your staff and enterprise
  • Business operations planning, management and transition to your staff
  • Project management – products, concepts, divisions; all enterprise stages including start-up and company development


  • Our depth of experience and versatile backgrounds prepare us to get the job done more effectively than firms with less experience
  • We bring soft skills that combine with our extensive experience to produce successful projects
  • Projects are done successfully, on time and on budget - even IT projects
  • Our solutions are innovative, robust and complete, We aren't afraid to get "out-of-the-box- to produce the best solutions
  • We scope and organize projects well to stay on task and complete projects successfully.
  • We incorporate internal personnel and produce an "internal feel' to projects to speed buy in by client personnel and enhance transferability of project elements
  • We work effectively with client personnel to fully integrate project processes, applications and associated control frameworks


  • Wells Fargo Bank NA
  • U.S. Bancorp
  • TCF Bank
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Allianz
  • Prime Therapeutics
  • SuperValu
  • Many smaller clients